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May 16, 2024

All Artifacts & Kvasir's Poems locations

Where to find all the Artifacts in God of War Ragnarok including Kvasir's Poems. God of War Ragnarok has several unique sets of artifacts for players to find. These artifacts can be well hidden or off

Where to find all the Artifacts in God of War Ragnarok including Kvasir's Poems.

God of War Ragnarok has several unique sets of artifacts for players to find. These artifacts can be well hidden or off the beaten path, making them difficult to locate. Each piece will offer some insight into the rich lore of the world but can also be sold for another type of riches: Hacksilver.

Below is each set of artifacts in God of War Ragnarok that you can find in four realms. The collectibles are split into the order in which you are likely to discover them on your journey through the game. Use the following links to jump to the appropriate set of artifacts:

Note that Kvasir's Poems are actually riddles for PlayStation games. The poem's title, the prose, and even the image of the poem all offer hints to the game. If you're struggling to work them out, use the above link to find the answers.

While you're finding artifacts, check out our Odin's Ravens and Nornir chest guides. These will help you track down the other collectibles in the game.

There are six artifacts to find in Svartalfheim as part of the Things Left Behind collection. These can all be collected on your first trip to Svartalfheim as they do not require any backtracking.

This artifact is above the Nornir chest along the right hand side of the Aurvangar Wetlands coast in Svartalfheim. Freeze the geyser and climb up to find the artifact on a body.

Found in Nidavellir in Svartalfheim. After crawling through the sewer, turn left and smash some boxes to reveal a path. Follow this path along to see the artifact on the ground.

Found at The Forge in Svartalfheim, immediately after arriving up the mountain in the first train cart.

Found in the Jarnsmida Pitmines after the second train ride in Svartalfheim. Work your way down to the lower area by the water to find the artifact. There will also be one of Odin’s ravens flying about.

The Althjof's Statue artifact is found inside the Applecore mine in Svartalfheim. Continue through the mine until you reach the fork in the path, to the left is a water puzzle to power an elevator and to the right is a water duct obstructed by golden rocks. Blow up the golden rocks by throwing your axe at the red jar.

With the path cleared, go through, defeat the Bergsra Mother (the one that spawns the little Wretch lizard worms), and go through the door. The artifact is to your left.

Durinn's Stone Statue is inside the Applecore mine in Svartalfheim. Found by another door on your search for Tyr. To reach this, go to the rope slide that Kratos must raise using a chain once it is cleared of debris by Atreus’ arrow. Instead of using the rope, go left and jump across the gap. Drop down the ledge on your left to find the statue on a barrel.

There are six artifacts to find in Alfheim for the collection, Tributes to Freyr. You will need to return to Alfheim a bit later on in the story in order to collect them all.

This artifact is found in The Strond in Alfheim. This is on the ground near a Nornir chest before the ascent to the Temple of Light.

Find the harp artifact inside a cave in Alfheim in the Barrens. Go to the south side and hug the wall, if you reach the access to the Below you’ve gone too far. Squeeze through the gap in the wall and look on the ground to see the collectible. There is also a Legendary chest in this cave.

The horn is found in the Barrens in Alfheim. This is on the ground in a temple to the north (be mindful of the enemies in here). You will need to free the creature in the Below before being able to access this area.

The pipe artifact is found in the Burrows in Alfheim, an underground area in the Forbidden Sands. This is accessible during the quest, Song of the Sands, as you free the second Hafgufa. Once the creature is free, continue through the now-opened cavern to find the artifact and another Legendary chest.

Find the token in the Forbidden Sands in Alfheim. Go to the north above the entrance to the Burrows and use the grapple points to climb up to the plateau. Squeeze through the gap and go up the path to find this artifact beside a Yggdrasil Rift.

The Bracelet artifact is in the Forbidden Sands in Alfheim. Find it at the entrance to the Elven Sanctum in the northeast.

There are six artifacts in the Family Crests collection hidden around Vanaheim. It is best to return to Vanaheim later in the game to acquire the crests.

This artifact is located south of Freyr’s Camp in Vanaheim, near the mystic gateway that you discover when leaving the area with Freya.

This artifact is in the River Delta in Vanaheim. It is found via a small tunnel to the southeast of Pilgrim’s Landing, near the red tree on the map and the Yggdrasil Rift. Find it on the ground below some woodland faeries.

This artifact is at Noatun’s Garden in Vanaheim. This is down the River Delta, south of Freyr’s Camp. Go to the southern side of the garden where the poison bucket is and look around the wall to find it in the grass.

This artifact is found in the River Delta in Vanaheim. Look for it behind the mystic gateway near the Cliffside Ruins. It’s up against the wall near the blacksmith.

The Hylli’s Crest artifact is found in the Vanir Shrine in Vanaheim. It is accessible during the Favor, Freya’s Missing Peace. After clearing the left side of the shrine, you will need to go to the right side to make the rune whole. Lower the drawbridge by removing the fungus with your Blades of Chaos and Sigil arrows and hitting the gears with your axe. Clear out the enemies in the next room and then enter the hallway. The artifact is in a small room to the north of the adjoining hallway.

This artifact is in the Veiled Passage in Vanaheim. It is along the main path through the cliff, behind a wooden barricade where the spitting plants are found. This location requires the Favor, Freya’s Missing Peace. Travel south down the river toward Goddess Falls. When you reach the bottom, head east into the cavern and work your way up to the cliff path. Continue onward to find the wooden boards and your artifact.

There are six artifacts to find in Midgard as part of the Stolen Treasures collection.

The Fert artifact is located in the Helheim tower in Midgard. Use the grapple point to get up to the ledge, swing across the gap, and look for the artifact on the ground. There is also a coffin to the left.

The Ankh artifact is found in the Oarsmen area of the Shores of Nine in Midgard. Accessing it requires working through the area (defeating the Stalker) and pulling the large chain to reveal stairs. Go down the stairs, turn around and go behind them to find the artifact.

This artifact is found in Midgard to the right of the Alfheim tower, above the Raider Stronghold text that is written on the map. It is up a small set of stairs tucked away near some ruins of pillars covered in snow.

Another artifact is found in a cave under Tyr’s Temple in Midgard. Go to where the statue’s helmet has fallen and look toward the temple. To the right of the Raider Stronghold will be a cave covered in icicles. Break the ice to spot the item on the ground.

Find the Maya artifact below the bridge to Tyr’s Temple in Midgard. There is a small rise with a dead body, beside which is the artifact.

This artifact is found in the Derelict Outpost in Midgard. Cross the chasm using the crane and then use the chain to raise another swinging point to the west side. Swing across, turn right and drop down the ledges to find the lyre on the ground beside a barricade that can be destroyed by a Sonic arrow.

There are 14 of Kvasir’s Poems to find throughout God of War Ragnarok. Each poem alludes to another game in the PlayStation catalog. The title of the poem and the prose offer hints. Find the answers to each one further below.

This poem is found in Svartalfheim, along the Aurvangar Wetlands. It is by the third blockade you must clear as part of the Quest for Tyr. You must expose the geyser to turn the wheel, causing the block to lower. Break the chain holding the block, climb onto the block and freeze the geyser to reach the higher levels of the wooden structure.

Find this poem in Svartalfheim, in Nidavellir. It is behind a green barricade that requires Atreus’ Sonic bow upgrade. Go up the hill to meet Sindri, he’ll upgrade Atreus’ bow. Go back down to the pier and break the barricade.

Found in Svartalfheim on Lyngbakr Island during the Favor, The Weight of Chains. After freeing the first fin, jump across the gap and climb the wall toward the north. At the top, turn left and jump across the gaps toward the west. The poem is on the ground at the end along with a coffin (this would be toward the creature's head).

The Tool and Bang poem is found in Jarnsmida Pitmines in Svartalfheim. Before the entrance to the mine there is a huge crane that can be turned by redirecting the flow of water. Use the Blades of Chaos to redirect the water and wait for the block to come your way.

Climb the block and freeze the water to cause the crane to move back. Climb down, jump across the gap, and follow the path to the end to find the poem. There is also a Legendary chest here.

This poem is found in Alfheim in The Strond. This is after a barricade you must destroy using the purple twilight stones. To reach this, start at the mystic gateway in the Strond, squeeze through the rocks, and continue along the path to where you must jump over the gap (there is one of Odin’s Ravens in a dead tree to your left). Go through the barricade and drop down the cliff on your left. Follow the path to a Legendary chest and the poem on the ground beside it.

Another poem is in Alfheim inside the Temple of Light. Work through the main path until you reach the stairs that curve upward. Follow them up and into the next section and you’ll enter an enclosed foyer that leads through a gate and into a brighter area. Don’t go through the gate, instead, turn right and use the Blades of Chaos to reach an upper ledge (there will be a large purple twilight rock hanging from the ceiling). The book is on the balcony at the end.

There is another poem inside the Temple of Light in Alfheim. The goal is to reach the door that must be opened by turning a wheel. Firstly, make it to the first set of stairs that that curve up and follow them to the top. Cross the room and open the door.

In this new room, use the wheel (off the edge to your left) to turn the crystal so you can open the door. Climb back up, go through the door, and find the lore book on the ground in the room on the left.

Another poem can be found in Alfheim in the Barrens. This poem is in the giant skeleton to the north of the area. Enter through the skull, climb the ledges into the ribcage, defeat the enemies and climb up the ledge in the back. The poem is on the ground beside a Legendary chest.

This poem is found in Vanaheim, in the market in the Southern Wilds. From the top of the middle platforms, smash through the ground to find the poem next to some vases.

This poem is located in Alfheim in the Forbidden Sands. It is found in a lookout tower to the east of the area, just south of the Elven Sanctum. It’s overlooking a red node puzzle.

This poem is found in Vanaheim in the Sinkholes in the Crater. In order to get it, you must go east to the Sinkholes, toward the Berserker Gravestone, and then stay right to follow the path. You’ll encounter enemies along the way and wind up completing the Quaking Hollow Favor. Use a Sigil arrow to clear the fungus, squeeze through the gap, go up the stairs and find the poem beside a dead body.

This poem is found in Vanaheim in The Jungle at night. This area is accessible from the southwest side of the Plains. Look for the statue of two dragon heads on either side of some stairs leading into ruins.

Go inside, jump across the gap, and follow the path down. Climb up and across the gap to find the poem beside a dead body.

A poem is found in Svartalfheim in the Applecore. This poem can only be reached once you’ve completed the quest step, Forging Destiny. Head back to the Applecore using the mystic gateway at Sverd Sands. When you arrive, create a zipline and cross the chasm, drop down and continue through the path until you reach a dead end. Climb up the big wall (where the jet of air is) and look to your right to spot some rocks. Destroy the rocks that are marked with the golden glow and pass through. The poem is on the ground with a coffin nearby.

This final poem is found in Midgard in the Oarsmen area. This artifact is only accessible after the area is cleared and the large chain pulled during the Favor, Sigrun's Curse. This will grant access to a hidey-hole in the roof above the Nornir chest.

Click the Kvasir's Poem title to reveal which PlayStation game it is referencing:

Horizon Zero Dawn

MLB: The Show

The Last of Us: Part 2

Ratchet & Clank

Death Stranding


Concrete Genie

Astro Bot



Ghost of Tsushima

The Order: 1886


Days Gone

There are several artifacts to find in God of War Ragnarok across four the realms. Finding a full set will grant players some more insight into the world and can even be sold to your friendly neighborhood blacksmith for a bunch of Hacksilver. Be sure to check out God of War Ragnarok page for more collectible guides.

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